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About Us

Chapleau General Hospital, with 13 acute care beds, provides primary care in general medicine, 24-hour emergency services, 24 hour laboratory and diagnostic imaging. There is a medical videoconferencing and rehabilitation service facility that links patients to specialists province-wide.

The hospital also offers a variety of specialty clinics that includes: Diabetes education, Occupational Therapy, Visiting Paediatrician, Visiting Physiotherapist, Visiting Chiropractor, Advanced Footcare, Dietitian counselling.

Chapleau Hospital building

What happens during a flu outbreak?

During a flu outbreak visitors to the affected Unit will be restricted. Information to that effect will be available to you when you call ahead. Signage will be posted in the areas affected as well as on the main entrance doors.


Hand Washing

Washing hands


Hand washing is the single most important procedure you can follow to help minimize risk of infection. Be sure to wash your hands when you enter the building and frequently during visits. Visitors should not use patient sinks to wash their hands and are encouraged to use the waterless hand sanitizer which are installed in patient doorways and high traffic areas.

How to Hand Wash   Clean Hands Protect Lives

Infection Rates

Patient Days:  851
VRE:     0%
MRSA:  0%
C-Diff per 1000 patient days:  0%

Latex-Free Policy

No Latex logo

SSCHS is aware of allergies associated to latex. In all efforts to provide the safest care to our patients, latex products are not used for patient care and all latex is banned from the hospital.

No Latex

Hand Hygiene Audit           April 2019 - March 2020

Hand hygiene compliance before initial patient/ environment contact = 92%

Hand hygiene compliance after patient/ environment
contact = 97%

Scent-Free Policy

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Chapleau General Hospital is a scent-free facility. Scented products contain certain chemicals that can cause serious problems for people with asthma, allergies, migraines and environmental illnesses. We recognize the significant reactions that can result from exposure to scents, odours and fragrances and want everyone to take reasonable steps to reduce this potential exposure. We encourage visitors, employees and volunteers to voluntarily refrain from using chemically based scented products.

No Scented Products No Flowers

Visiting Specialists

Chiropody Clinic

Our Chiropody Clinic is a joint effort between the Chapleau Diabetes Education Program (DEP), Chapleau and District Family Health Team (CDFHT), and our visiting chiropodist from Rainville Health in Timmins. Chiropody patients may be seen by the visiting chiropodist on a case by case basis in Chapleau, or they may be seen in Timmins if previously referred or approved by the Chapleau (DEP) or the CDFHT. Both options are free of charge.

Due to COVID-19, foot care is now provided free of charge by T. Purdy, RPN at the CDFHT on a weekly basis. This service is provided in consultation, as needed, with the chiropodist from Rainville Health. Call the Chapleau DEP at 705-864-3070 to receive a referral if you have diabetes, or 705-864-0210 for a referral if you do not have diabetes.

Paediatric Clinic

This clinic is available for all children under the age of 18 years of age. The clinic is offered on an as needed basis.

For Appointment or Questions:

(705) 864-1520 ext 0.  Physician referral required.

Audiology Clinic

Hearing Testing:

Adults (children 13 and over) $75.00
Children (12 years and under) $60.00

Hearing Aid/ Dispensing Services:

  • Fitting/Dispensing of all hearing aid technologies
  • Assistive listening devices (TV headphones, amplified telephones, etc.)
  • Hearing Aid repairs
  • Custom hearing protection
  • Hearing Aid products

This clinic is open to all members of the public and no referral is required. For appointment bookings or any additional information, please call the Admissions office at 705-864-1520.


Dr. Paul Merlino
Fridays from 10am - 7pm (weather permitting)
Call 705-575-3365 (Monday - Thursday)
Call 705-864-1520 for same day appointments


Chapleau General Hospital
6 Broomhead Road
Chapleau, Ontario P0M 1K0

Phone:(705) 864-1520
Fax:(705) 864-0449