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Chapleau Hospital buildings
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Dietary Services

The provision of high quality nutrition services by the Dietary Services department is an essential and integral part of the function of the total health care facility.

The Dietary Services department provides food service to the 25 beds in the Bignucolo Residence which includes 19 Long Term Care beds, 2 Respite beds and 4 Chronic beds and the 14 beds on the acute wing of the Chapleau General Hospital.

Catering service for staff and the public is made available through a cafeteria service.

Meals on wheels is provided to senior's and convalescing adults in the community, Monday through Friday.

The Registered Dietitian provides diet counselling to hospital inpatients and outpatients on a referral basis. Nutrition care plans for the Long-Term Care residents are also prepared and updated monthly by the Registered Dietitian.


We the Dietary Services Department commit ourselves to our patients, their families, the community, our hospital, and each other to actively pursue the following nutrition philosophy. We believe that:

  • The provision of high quality food and nutrition services is an essential and integral part of the function of the total health care facility.
  • Patient teaching is an integral part of the Dietary Services department.
  • The patient, as an individual, has the right to be provided with information to make decisions which will affect optimal nutritional status.
  • The essential components of nutrition care are: interpretation of the diet prescription assessment of patients' nutritional status, implementation of nutrition care plan, evaluation of patient understanding and discharge planning.
  • Communication with all members of the Health Care Team in the hospital and community is essential for comprehensive patient care.
  • We have a responsibility to provide a safe environment for both patients and staff.
  • We should continuously monitor the quality of food provided.
  • Departmental continuing education is required for all staff to assure updating knowledge and skills.

Contact Information:

Support Services Manager(705) 864-1520