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Occupational Health Department/ Infection Control

Mission Statement

The occupational health service is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest possible degree of health and safety for all staff. This is a collaborative, proactive approach that contributes to the organization's effectiveness and the quality of work life.

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The Hospital is responsible for ensuring a safe and healthy environment for patients, visitors and employees. These people in general and employees specifically, must share in the responsibility for their own safety and that of others.

Personal injury and financial expenses can be reduced to a minimum through increased knowledge of safety measures, expert skills in performing procedures and a positive attitude towards occupational health and safety.

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee acts as a stimulus in promoting safe conditions and practices and occupational health and safety education.

Health Surveillance

After an injury or prolonged illness, health surveillance complements the role of the physician in returning the employee to productive work as soon as possible and helps managers/supervisors to place the employee in the most suitable job. It protects the employee from undue risks associated with the job/tasks and help to identify health problems before they become acute or chronic. Furthermore, it enhances the employee's ability to maintain a high level of productivity and enjoy a better quality of life.

Environmental Surveillance

The occupational health and safety service collaborates with staff to maintain a healthy workplace. Identifying potential or real hazards in the work environment enables managers and staff to take appropriate steps to correct the situation promptly, thus preventing worker illness/injury and the organization's loss of financial and human resources.

Infection Control

SSCHS is committed to providing the safest possible care to you. One of the ways we ensure this is through a special monitoring program to detect antibiotic-resistant germs, fever and pneumonia. You may be asked to have some tests done as part of this program. If you have questions ask your health care provider.


The occupational health and safety service offers individual and/or group educational programs that bring relevant health and safety issues to the attention of managers and employees. Educational activities also help to increase employees' awareness of their individual responsibility to maintain a health lifestyle and to work safely.


The occupational health and safety service helps the organization to monitor its health and safety costs by maintaining accurate, consistent records of the types and numbers of visits to the service and related activities, including management of Workers' Safety and Insurance Board claims. Comprehensive health records protect the interest of employer and employees, and help the facility to plan and implement relevant programs based on organizational needs.

Contact Information:

Phone: (705) 864-3072